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        State/Territory Programs

        States/Territories programs are organized and staffed differently throughout the nation. State/Territory programs may be housed withing departments of agriculture, agricultural organizations, universities, or private non-profit foundations. Some programs have several full-time staff others operate with volunteers. Most state/territory programs have formed educational nonprofit organizations which have the benefit of a tax-deductible status. For more information about a specific state/territory program contact the State/Territory Contact.

        State Websites Map Montana New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New Jersey Delaware Maryland Maine New York Pennsylvania Ohio West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi Tennessee Kentucky Indiana Michigan Wisconsin Illinois Michigan Louisiana Arkansas Missouri Iowa Minnesota Texas Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota New Mexico Colorado Wyoming Arizona Utah Nevada Idaho Alaska Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii California Oregon Washington

        Click on the icons for a state website, Facebook page, or state/territory report.


        2018 Annual Report

        Annually a request is made by the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization for state Agriculture in the Classroom contacts to report on their program accomplishments and impacts (to view individual states click on the icon by the state name above). This information is aggregated into a national summary.